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Class ProHTTPCompressInputStream


public class ProHTTPCompressInputStream

Encapsulates the actual HTTP connection between the Proxy and the WebServer. Handles header modification and compression of data transparently.
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1.00, 10th Mar, 2000
Tanmay K. Mohapatra

Constructor Summary
ProHTTPCompressInputStream( BaseStreamIn, ProHTTPCompressStatus ComprStatusIn)
Method Summary
 int read()
          Wrapper read function that parses and modifies the underlying stream also.
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Constructor Detail


public ProHTTPCompressInputStream( BaseStreamIn,
                                  ProHTTPCompressStatus ComprStatusIn)
Method Detail


public int read()
Wrapper read function that parses and modifies the underlying stream also. Read from the underlying stream. Write to the StringBuffer. When a new-line is obtained, check if the header is a Content-Encoding header. If yes, check in ComprStatus and modify it if required. If the header is a content-length header, read the whole output and store it in a local buffer. Henceforth, give from local buffer. If no intervention is required, ignore all the above and return whatever the base stream returns.
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