Java Script

Talkative (8th August 1999)

Utility: Talkative is a set of Java, COM and JavaScript libraries which together can provide connectivity between all kinds of applications. It provides the basic messaging infrastructure. Applications can either be written to adhere to this protocol or you can write wrappers over existing applications to be Talkative.

More: Learn more and see a live implementation

Sorter (June 1999)

Utility: Create a dictionary of searchable links.

Instructions: Each link is associated with keywords and a description. Routines are provided to search the list for words. The output can be customized for your need. The steps are: initSorter (to initialize the sorter arrays), addEntry (to add a link to the list), and searchLink (to search for a list of words and store matching links in arrays).

Download: (sources)

Columnizer (June 1999)

Utility: Split a list of contents into multiple columns dynamically based on the browser's screen size.

Instructions: You just need to use three basic functions: columnizeBegin (at the start of the list of items to columnize), columnizeContinue (at every potential column break position), and columnizeEnd (at the end of the list of items).

Download: (sources)

Menu Creator (May 1999)

Utility: Create navigation bar for a web site.

Instructions: Creating a menu involves including two JavaScript files at the top of your HTML file. The file mkcontents.js contains generic routines to paint the menu. The second JavaScript file which is for you to customize, contains arrays of URLs and their names to display in the menu. Apart from that you can switch between a horizontal or vertical layout, break the menu into multiple lines and set target to a different frame or window.

Download: (menu creator routine and an example menu)

Blocker (March 1999)

Utility: To designate a section of a web page as a block and hide/show it on a mouse click. You can use it to display only the headlines when the page is loaded and show details only when the viewer wants to see them.

Browser compatibility: Works with Internet Explorer and can be modified for Netscape Navigator.

Download: (javascript sources and style sheets)