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ClassEditor Release Notes

Changes in version 2.21

  • Prepared for editable code.
  • Protected local variable table from invalid information in obfuscated class files.

Download ClassEditor 2.21

Changes in version 2.20

  • Corrected search behavior where all searches after a failed search were also failing till the table selection was changed.
  • Editable exception handler table of code attribute.
  • Editable method exception list.

Changes in version 2.15

  • Fixed ArrayBoundsException during method edit.
  • Editable line number table attribute and local variables table attribute.

Changes in version 2.10

  • Support for InnerClasses, Synthetic and Deprecated attributes.
  • Reorganized packages and enhanced attribute dialog in preparation for editable attributes.
  • Enhanced access flag editor.

Changes in version 2.00

  • Complete rewrite of the GUI in Java Swing.
  • Automated and transparent constant pool manipulation which makes it easy to edit Fields and Methods
  • Command line parameters accepted. ClassEditor can be started from the command line with class files to open as arguments. For example: "java -jar ce.jar MyClass.class" will open MyClass.class with ClassEditor.

Changes in version 1.40

  • Facility to open multiple class files simultaneously.
  • Creating a new class from scratch is made easier by creating a valid classfile from the beginning.
  • Toolbar to make access to frequently used options easy.
  • User interface modified to support larger font sizes.

Download ClassEditor 1.40

Note: ClassEditor 1.4 was built with Microsoft WFC and requires the latest Microsoft JVM.

Changes in version 1.30

  • Facility to add and delete methods.
  • Facility to search methods.
  • Bug fix to prevent null pointer exception on saving a class with new fields.
  • Attribute dialog now displays even if there are no attributes to enable addition of attributes in the future.
  • User interface has a more uniform look and feel.

Changes in version 1.20

  • Facility to add, and delete interfaces.
  • Facility to add, and delete constant pool entries.
  • Facility to add, and delete class fields.
  • Text search in constant pool entries and fields.
  • Fixed bug where ClassEditor used to give null pointer exception if an attribute name was modified. (Bug identified by Raymond Chugg)
  • Fixed bugs where ClassEditor used to give exception on clicking on buttons if no class is loaded yet.

Changes in version 1.10

  • Improved speed while reading and writing class files.
  • Facility to get text report of the class file and its different sections.
  • Facility to verify changes according to class file specification.
  • Determine related classes and jump to them directly.
  • Improved GUI.
  • Internal changes to facilitate future enhancements.

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ClassEditor Screen Shots

ClassEditor Methods Screen

ClassEditor Methods Screen

ClassEditor Constant Pool Screen

ClassEditor Constant Pool Screen

The Attributes Dialog

The Attributes Dialog