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Class ProHTTPCompressOutputStream


public class ProHTTPCompressOutputStream

Encapsulates the connection between the Proxy server and the Webserver. Writes to webserver. Checks for the Accept-Encoding header. If a compression method can be supported, adds support. If no Accept-Encoding header was found, adds one before headers are over.
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1.00, 10th Mar, 2000
Tanmay K. Mohapatra

Constructor Summary
ProHTTPCompressOutputStream( BaseStreamIn, ProHTTPCompressStatus ComprStatusIn)
Method Summary
 void write(int iData)
          Write to the underlying stream and keep appending to the string buffer.
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Constructor Detail


public ProHTTPCompressOutputStream( BaseStreamIn,
                                   ProHTTPCompressStatus ComprStatusIn)
Method Detail


public void write(int iData)
Write to the underlying stream and keep appending to the string buffer. Once a new-line is received, check if the header is a Accept-Encoding header, add some extra support if possible, set flag in ComprStatus to ignore further monitoring. If headers ended without Accept-Encoding flag, add full support and set flag in ComprStatus.
write in class

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